Venalta Patches - the new addition to the Venalta Range

In order to provide the best and complete care for its clients, Alta Care Laboratoires has extended the Venalta range with the new innovative transdermal Venalta Patches, providing both internal and external action to the legs. When it comes to a range for healthy legs, many companies have a poor choice of products as they produce only gels and capsules. T ...

New Venalta Cryogel Formula - colder than ever before

Alta Care Laboratoires has renovated the formula of Venalta’s Cryogel, making it a Cryogel that guarantees even colder effect with more quality ingredients. Having also concentrated the active ingredients, now the Cryogel is even colder than the previous formula, making this product essential for the relief of tired and heavy legs. The cold effect is ...

The Venalta range by Alta Care Laboratoires

The Venalta range by Alta Care Laboratoires is a complete range for the well being of the legs. The Venalta softgels with whole grape extracts has proven efficacy in patients suffering from spider veins and also varicose veins. The Venalta oral treatment ...




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